LZR7 ZX2 NEXT GENERATION Class IV 6 Watt Desktop Laser

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The World's Most Powerful Cold Laser
A Class 4 Next Generation ZX2 - LZR7
FEATURING: 6.1 Watts (6,100mW)

The fastest and most powerful desktop cold laser to date. Optional emitter heads available with this 2 port laser model for maximum treatment capabilities. Comes with:
Standard 6.1W Emitter and also available with
Optional 750mW Acupuncture Treatment Emitter

Now the most powerful cold laser in the world with a third more infrared power, and a bonus 100mW Red laser added to the emitter to support superior results and benefits for superficial inflammatory conditions.

The Ultimate Laser Cluster Probe for Pain Relief Alleviation from Inflammation and Treatment of all Musculoskeletal, Spine & Joint Related Conditions:

Now this cluster probe is even better, with new and improved featrues including:

The LZR7 Next Gen is expandable with OPTIONAL Laser Emitter Probes to choose from, including prices:

  1. Infrared/Red for 6100mW of cool power,
  2. 100 W super pulsed $6,000.
  3. 1.5 W deep penetration for $3500. That's 1500mW Deep Infrared, which is more concentrated for joints, toes, feet, hands and trigger points,
  4. 750 mW with special acupoint tip for $3500.
  5. You can also get an additional 6.1 W standard emitter head, identical to the one that comes with the main unit. A second one can be purchased for $6,500. You can use both at the same time.

LZR7 ZX2 NEXT GEN Cold Laser System Includes:

- LZR7 Desktop Control Unit with 2 Emitter Ports
- Standard Laser Probe: 6100mW (6.1 Watt) cool power probe
- 1 Durable Carrying Case  
- Power Adapter 
- Probe Cable 
- 2 Pair of Safety Goggles 
- Laser Therapy Book: Clinical Procedures by Dr. Turchin, with numerous protocols
- Operations Manual
- 1 Laser Training DVD
- 2 Year Warranty
- BONUS Training Revealed below

We won't be beat on price, service or training, so call now to order, toll free: 888-824-7558

Price is $12,995

BONUS Training File Included with purchase:

This exclusive training guide shows you how to treat over 250 common symptoms and conditions quickly and easily utilizing this super fast acting laser and the 22 Master Acupoints of the human body. Includes pictures and descriptions allowing you to quickly identify the correct points. Also includes two fabulous auricular therapy charts. 

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LZR7 Next Generation ZX2 Class 4 Cold Laser for Fast Pain Relief

Acupuncture Laser Probe like no other:

This single diode probe effectively delivers the most effective and powerful non-thermal, non-invasive Cold Laser power at 750mW. This allows for the shortest possible treatment times. This laser utilizes the deepest penetrating laser light wavelength of 810nm infrared laser. It is ideal for a wide range of applications including:

- Aculight Therapy (Painless acupuncture without the needles)
- Auricular Therapy (The ear has over 75 major acupuncture points and is like a hologram of the entire body allowing easy access to the entire body through the auricle)
- Korean Hand Acupuncture (A powerful and effective use of treating the hand. Master Korean acupuncturists have mapped out the entire body on the hand including all the meridians, major acupoints, organs and musculoskeletal systems).
- Acupuncture treatment modalities of all kinds without needles.
- Breaking up adhesions and scar tissue and lipoma and warts, and alleviating edema in the knees, ankles and elsewhere.
- Ideal for pain management in acute or chronic conditions along with quick and easy treatment of muscles, ligaments, bones, nerves, soft tissue injuries, frozen shoulders, spinal conditions, swelling and inflammation in sports medicine and physical therapy.

750mW Single Diode Point Probe:

- Applicator Type: 500-S
- Emitter Type: GaAlAs Semiconductor Laser 
- Emitter Wavelength: 810nm
- No. of Emitters: 1 
- Beam Divergence: 9º x 38º
- Total Power Output: 750mW 
- Aperture: 9.5mm
- Polarization: Linear 
- Laser Classification: Class 4
- Spot Size: 1.7 x 9.5mm, 0.161cm2 
- NOHD: 80cm
- Treatment Time for 4 J/cm2: 1.3 seconds 
- Safety goggle requirement: OD4 min@810 nm 

Price: $3500

Hot Laser vs. Cold Laser - An Overview:

The LZR7 desktop laser is the most powerful class 4 cold laser on the market. Treatments are as fast as, and in most cases faster than with a hot laser. How is this possible? Because the laser can be placed directly against the skin without worry of burning. This means more energy delivered directly to the reatment area faster with a consistent, reliable and measurable dose of energy as revealed by the laser LCD screen. You can also do longer treatment times without the risk of burns or tissue damage without having to hold the wand off the body or keep it moving continuously as with hot lasers. The LZR7 laser is designed with a special convex glass lens, which allows the laser emitter to be pressed firmly into the tissues. This allows for the deepest penetration possible. Cold Lasers do not pose the same threat of burns or eye damage that can occur with hot lasers, thus minimizing a doctor’s risk of patient injury and malpractice events that can occur with a Class IV Hot Laser. That is why the best choice is a powerful, class IV Cold Laser such as the LZR7. 

This powerful emitter is effective in the treatment of acupoints to assist in programs to stop smoking, help with weight management and to control cravings and addictions. Thanks to its powerful 750mW output, treatment times are mere seconds per point. Because of its longer 810nm wavelength, penetration is superior and effectively addresses target tissue with maximum photonic energy, allowing delivery of concentrated joules of energy to key acupoints in mere seconds.


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LZR7 ZX2 Next Gen Class IV 6 Watt Desktop Cold Laser