What are the Benefits of Aran, Ozone and Negative Ions?
Aranizers are the ultimate producers of Aran, a high quality activated oxygen, in the form of polyatomic oxygen and negative ions. Health enthusiasts have been touting the benefits of polyatomic oxygen for a long time. Clinics, physicians and hospitals in Germany, Mexico, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and other locations have been making groundbreaking success treating most forms of disease and illness from the flu to bulging discs to HIV.

Health Benefits of Clean Air
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ARAN is distinguished from ozone due to it's supercharged state, which makes it a superior form of activated polyatomic oxygen. The Aranizer does not produce the harmful oxides of nitrogen produced by ozonators and ozone machines. Instead it produces the more highly charged oxygen molecules known as ARAN™ and negative ions. Therefore, it is safer and more effective than an ozonator or ozone machine and gives better results.

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Is the air you breathe healthy? According to the World Health Organization 40% of all buildings pose a serious health hazard due to indoor air pollution. The EPA is calling indoor pollution the #1 pollution problem in America. The following is a list of common indoor pollutants, and some of their sources, that can be neutralized by using an Aranizer.

<IMG SRC="Aranizers, air purifiers, negative ions, ozone, Aran, water purifiers"ALT DUST, POLLEN, AND OTHER ALLERGENS

Allergies are an overreaction of the immune system to foreign substances. When the body overreacts to common substances such as dust, fibers, animal dander, pollen, and molds, it puts undue stress on the body's immune system, making you more susceptible to dangerous attacks by harmful viruses, bacteria, molds, and fungi, etc. Many people suffer from allergy symptoms that unknowingly drain their energy and take a toll on their immune system.
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<IMG SRC="Aranizers, air purifiers, negative ions, ozone, Aran, water purifiers"ALT CHEMICAL FUMES AND VAPORS

Indoor pollution can sometimes exceed "maximum safety levels" that were established for toxic-waste sites. Many of the new synthetic fibers and fabrics, plastics, insulation materials, glues and other adhesives, solvents, paints, stains, cleaning substances, deodorizers, and various aerosols have been linked to the growing "sick building " phenomenon. Used inside the home or office these items are constantly saturating the air you breath with harmful chemical fumes and vapors.

<IMG SRC="Aranizers, air purifiers, negative ions, ozone, Aran, water purifiers"ALT MOLD AND FUNGUS

Mold and fungus can be more than an unsightly nuisance for some have been shown to be pathogenic microorganisms that create or contribute to allergies and can cause many ills, ranging from athlete's foot to the fatal Legionnaires' disease. Most molds thrive on moisture and are often visible around bathroom fixtures, but dangerous molds can grow in unseen places such as air conditioners, humidifiers and heat exchangers and find its way into the air you breathe on a daily basis.

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<IMG SRC="Aranizers, air purifiers, negative ions, ozone, Aran, water purifiers"ALT TOXIC GASES

Toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and oxides of nitrogen can be produced by such things as gas stoves, heaters, kerosene heaters, attached garages, fireplaces and electrical appliances. These gases can be fatal in large amounts but in small doses they can inhibit healthy respiration and drain your energy.

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<IMG SRC="Aranizers, air purifiers, negative ions, ozone, Aran, water purifiers"ALT BACTERIA

Bacterial infections are common due to the fact that bacteria is so abundant in our environment. The overuse and abuse of antibiotics in our society combined with weakened immune systems has lead to dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria. We will likely see more strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the future. Ozone has been shown to be extremely effective at destroying bacteria including Bacillus anthracis (ANTHRAX), E-COLI, Clostridium Botulinum,and the influenza virus. "Five-minute ozone treatment was sufficient to give better than 99.9% kill. Complete sterility was obtained in most cases in 80 minutes; in only a few exceptions 60 to 90 minute treatment was necessary. The ozone consumption ranged from 100 to 200 ppm by weight." Taken from a report by the Armour Research Foundation for the US Department of Defense, Biological Warfare Laboratories, at the International Ozone Conference held at the Sheraton Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, November 28 to 30, 1956

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<IMG SRC="Aranizers, air purifiers, negative ions, ozone, Aran, water purifiers"ALT VIRUSES

Viral infections are on the rise for similar reasons as mentioned above. Stronger, more resistant viral mutations are occurring every day and weakened immune systems are providing the means for proliferation of many seemingly new viruses that actually have been around for a long time. The Epstein-Barr virus is also known as the mono virus and lies dormant in the body similar to the AIDS virus activating when the immune system is weak. EBV has been linked to the increasing number of cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and may be evidence of the immunological deficit that our society is in from over exposure to toxins.

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<IMG SRC="Aranizers, air purifiers, negative ions, ozone, Aran, water purifiers"ALT SMOKE

350,000 Americans die each year from smoke-related illnesses such as cancers, emphysema, and heart disease. Cigarette smoke ages the lungs and respiratory system and contains more than 3,000 toxic chemicals and gases. Passive smoking has been linked to increased cancer, heart disease and lung disease. Involuntary smokers have been shown to have decreased respiratory function and increased respiratory illnesses.

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<IMG SRC="Aranizers, air purifiers, negative ions, ozone, Aran, water purifiers"ALT ODORS

Besides being annoying, odors have been shown to have a direct affect on emotions. The olfactory nerves are closely tied in with the endocrine system which controls our emotional states. The same way the smell of a particular perfume may bring back the memory of a special night, offensive odors (even ones which you might have become accustomed to) can dramatically influence the way you feel and act. Spray deodorants only cover up odors and add to indoor pollution.

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<IMG SRC="Aranizers, air purifiers, negative ions, ozone, Aran, water purifiers"ALT OUTDOOR POLLUTION

If that weren't enough, most of the outdoor air pollution unfortunately finds it way indoors. 98% of our air pollution is made up of five major pollutants, carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides, hydrocarbons, particulate matter and nitrogen oxides.

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<IMG SRC="Aranizers, air purifiers, negative ions, ozone, Aran, water purifiers"ALT BENEFITS OF NEGATIVE IONS

"Ions are charged particles in the air that are formed when enough energy acts upon a molecule, such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, water, or nitrogen to eject an electron. The displaced electron attaches itself to a nearby molecule, which then becomes a negative ion. It is the negative ion of oxygen that affects us most. Remember that feeling you've experienced near a waterfall or high in the mountains? Those are two such places where thousand of negative ions occur. They create an effect on human biochemistry."

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"The normal ion count in fresh country air is 2,000 to 4,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter (about the size of a sugar cube). At Yosemite Falls, you'll experience over 100,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. On the other hand, the level is far below 100 per cubic centimeter on Los Angeles freeways during rush hour."

"While ionization of the air is mandatory in many European and Russian hospitals and work places, it has only recently come to light in our country with the growing problem of toxic air in our urban environments."

"Whole Self", Spring 1991, an article entitled "Ions and Consciousness".

From a transcript of CBS News 2/14/95 6:30-7:00 PM, with Connie Chung.
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Dr. Bob Arnot:

" If the blustery winds of winter blowing across the nation this week are bringing you down, there's good reason. Researchers now believe that the ill winds strip away highly charged subatomic particles called Negative Ions from the air around us, contributing to a seasonal form of depression. Here's why. Level of brain chemical responsible for mood, called serotonin, are often lower in cases of season depression. Serotonin levels can be elevated by increased exposure to light or by antidepressants like Prozac. Researchers say negative ions may also increase brain levels of serotonin. A study in the current "Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine" concluded that 58 percent of patients treated with high-density negative ions had significant relief of their symptoms, almost identical to the number improved with drugs, but without drug side effects."
"...For psychological state, negative ion exposure appeared associated with feeling better about self, less sensitive, and more responsive or innervated [energized]."

<IMG SRC="ozone machines, water purification, Mars units"ALT From:August, 1982 issue of "Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine" entitled "Subjective Response to Negative Air Ion Exposure."

"...Results indicate that subjects had faster reaction times and reported feeling significantly more energetic under negative-air-ion conditions than under normal-air conditions."

<IMG SRC="ozone machines, water purification, Mars units"ALT From October, 1981, Human Factors entitled "The Influence of Negative Air Ions on Human Performance and Mood,"

"... The introduction of a negative ion generator increased the subjective rating of alertness, atmospheric freshness, and environmental and personal warmth. Ions reduced the complaint rate for headache by 50% and significantly reduced the number of complaints of nausea and dizziness. "

December 1981, "Journal of Environmental Psychology" entitled, "The Influence of Air Ions, Temperature, and Humidity on Subjective Well-being and Comfort,"

"Studied the effects of artificial negative or positive ionization of the air on the performance of psycho motor tasks with 45 18-26 year-old healthy males...Three testing environments were used: natural, negative, and positive ionization. Negative ionization was associated with a significant increment in performance as compared to controls."

April of 1978, in the science journal "Ergonomics", article entitled, "Air Ions and Human Performance".

REDWOOD CITY - A case of the blahs at work may really be a case of the VODS

VODS stands for Video Operator Distress Syndrome, and the troublesome malady is not uncommon of the millions of workers who use computer video display terminals. Those who work too close to the face of a cathode ray tube or who work before a terminal for too long a time typically experience increased fatigue levels, eye strain, blurred vision, skin rash, headaches, back pains, irritability, anxiety, depression and general apathy. While the cause of these symptoms may also be a depleted bank account, domestic troubles or a tyrannical boss, they can be caused by the computer terminal, Wallach said. The culprits that cause the VODS are positive ions or charged molecules of air, created at the face of the video display terminal. What are needed in the work place, Wallach explained, are negative ions. In contrast to positive ions, negatively charged molecules of air, or negative ions, promote a sense of well-being for people. Negative ions are typically found in the natural environment at the seashore, near waterfalls and in pine forests, Wallach explained. "Every place people like to be is rich in negative ions," Wallach said. Video display terminal operators need their negative ions. "In weighing the evidence, I am convinced that the aero-electrostatic qualities of an indoor environment are the most significant single factor in the control of unavoidable air pollution," Wallach said.

"The Peninsula Times Tribune", By William Johnson Times Tribune Staff

Note: The information on this page and on this site is for information only, and should not be viewed as medical advice or medical claims. It is supplied so that you can make an informed decision. Please consult with your health practitioner before considering any therapy or therapy protocol.

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"The effects of Polyatomic Oxygen upon diseased cells and intercellular and extracellular viral infections."

By : Basil Earle Wainwright
Director & Head of Research, Polyatomic Apheresis Research Limited

Polyatomic Oxygen is a highly reactive and atomically unstable gas in combinations of O2, O3, and O4. It has multiple and controllable applications as a virucidal, anti~parasitical, anti~microbial, bactericidal, anti~protozoa & anti~fungal component in the purification of whole blood in an extra-corporeal loop 'Apheresis' procedure.

Polyatomic Oxygen effectively inactivates both extracellularly and intercellularly viruses, parasites, microbes, bacteria, protozoa & fungal forms of infection, by
1) ionisation,
2) subatomic exchange (oxidation),
3) free (electron) radical reactions,
4) electrovoltaic stimulus and
5)electromagnetic reactions resulting in profuse photon energy transfer. The precise atomic reactions of inactivation are still unclear; however, research has been able to establish a number of results. Determinations and numerous studies have established that Polyatomic Oxygen (O2, O3, and O4), has the ability to effectively inactivate viruses, parasites, microbes, bacteria, protozoa & fungal infections in blood components as well as body tissues. Studies conducted to date have provided valuable data and have established the windows of Ozone (O2 and O3) cytotoxicity, but the precise effects upon the integral cellular membrane proteins and the disassociation of other protein structures are still unclear.

Some basic mechanism which appear to be taking place are:
1) atomic disassociation and solubilisation of virion structures as a result of matter exchange and ionisation,
2) discomposure of cellular protein structures resulting in the inhibition of viral docking to target ligand &
3) the effects of oxidation (Keith H. Wells, et al, 1991).

Other studies, including (Michael Carpendale & Joel Freeburg, 1991), establish the cytotoxic levels of Ozone (O2 and O3), when used to inactivate HIV in buffered saline solutions in a dose dependent manner, and no infectivity remained. This study deployed low concentrations of O2 and O3 over long blood/gas contacting times. The study conducted by Keith H. Wells, et al, stated "Ozone was found to inactivate HIV virions in a dose dependent manner. Greater than 11 log inactivation was achieved within two hours at a concentration of 1200 ppm of Ozone". This study is also deployed at low concentrations of Ozone (O2 and O3), and the allotropes of oxygen, over long blood/gas contacting times, and as a result, either of these procedures can be used in an extra-corporeal blood treatment process.

Polyatomic Oxygen's anti~viral ability has been well documented and determined by the writer, who has conducted numerous studies in this field. Some of the areas which still requires extensive research, include: Complete spectrum analysis of concentration of contacting (exposure) times. The molecular electrovoltaic reactions (including the varying electron potentials upon protein structures). The effects of ionisation upon protein structures, including potential viral signature changes. The effects of molecular restructuring caused by oxidation/ionisation and the combinations thereof. The molecular disruptive and/or stimulus to transcription mechanisms. The effects of electron free radical upon cellular membranes. Combinations of all the former and their interrelationships, using varying surface absorption techniques, pressure and cyclic pulsing to rupture diseased cellular lipid membranes. On this latter point, it is possible to see from the aforementioned studies (Michael Carpendale, Joel Freeburg, 1991), and (Keith H. Wells, et al., 1991), how their studies could have been enhanced by pressure controls and the variants to the same, to induce a more effective mixing of blood/gas contacting and blood component parameters.

During the generation of Polyatomic Oxygen, multiple molecular combinations can be momentarily observed from O3, upwards to O64 plus, but these colliding molecules break down. However, O3 (triatomic), and O4 (quadatomic), can be generated from medical grade oxygen, controlled and monitored in the ultraviolet BI~spectrum at 253.7 nm, and 151.1 nm, respectively, (Basil E. Wainwright, 1988), (Dr. Gerald Sunnens, 1995), and (NASA, 1990).

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Contrary to popular belief, the O4 molecule will, during its half life, demonstrate greater stability than the O3 molecule, the latter being more aggressive in an oxidative role, and breaks down in a step by step procedure. The O4 molecule, following atomic and molecular collision electrical exchange, breaks down into singlet oxygen atoms (O1), instantaneously, releasing a minimum of eight~plus free radical electrons in the process.

The properties of Polyatomic Oxygen can vary depending upon the generation and stabilisation means, the capacitance and electrical resistance of the cell in its design and the 'cooling' thereof. The peak to peak voltages applied, The waveform biasing, The frequency of the twin drive oscillators, Temperatures, Pressure and gas transit means :~ All have a significant effect upon the type of Polyatomic Oxygen produced. There is no such thing as 'just Ozone'. When conducting tests upon different makes of Ozone/Polyatomic Oxygen generators, varying atomic properties can be detected.

It is worth noting that without the correct electrolytic properties in the extra~cellular fluid, ineffective triggering of bio~chemical impulses can occur. Further, the correct balances, allowing the co~ionic activity of potassium, calcium, chlorine, hydrogen incorporated with sodium, assists in providing the correct elemental balance for Polyatomic Oxygen's molecular electrovoltaic stimulus is essential to maximising the therapeutic benefits of this treatment. This chemical information is imperative if controlled oxidation and ionisation is to be achieved. The electron voltages (ev), in Polyatomic Oxygen molecules have a dramatic effect upon electrovoltaic reactions and all surrounding matter. Electron voltages are the single most important factor in the generation of Polyatomic Oxygen molecules and in determining the responses that can be expected from any test application.

Without knowing the [precise atomic parameters of the molecules being deployed and the gas combinations being used, every test and study that has been conducted to date is inconclusive. Electron voltage potentials can be modified according to mark space ratio and peak to peak voltages which are applied on the corona discharge tube/cell. All current devises use relatively low peak to peak voltage (typically 15 to 30 kV), whereas, if high electron (ev) potentials were deployed and stabilised gas structures introduced, less initial oxidation reactions will occur and greater anti~viral properties will be observed.

To examine the effects of varying electron voltages upon cellular structures, viruses and micro-organisms and all other aspects involved, studies have been conducted, which produced a block schematic analysis of their interrelationships, that can be used with conventional corona discharge tubes/cells. The O4 molecule is one of the most powerful ionising platforms that can be introduced into blood components and blood products. O4's effects upon viral RNA/DNA structures and disassociation of uricil bonding through ionisation can result in the total solubilisation and break down of viral structures.

During the development of Polyatomic Apheresis, numerous procedures and scientific protocols were conducted involving extensive surface absorption methods and models, which included pressure pulsing of reactive and non reactive gases. These studies indicated that a combination (ratio), of pre~oxidative exposure to Polyatomic Oxygen at specific concentrations, followed by pressure peaks varying from 1.7 psi to 4.3 psi, would effectively rupture diseased cellular structures. This represents a completely new approach to the eradication of diseased cells. One example, of where increased surface gas pressure would have enhanced the absorption of Polyatomic Oxygen gas to blood sample, can be seen in Keith H. Wells, et al, 1991. It is also interesting to note in this study that only a small proportion of any one sample being tested was in actual contact with the gas combination and not the 4000 ppm hours and 7200 ppm hours as stated in Figure 4 of that study.

The total volume of the circulatory sample, by the length and fluid transit exposure of the cartridge itself and the circulatory pump speed, can only determine the contacting time. Once the sample has passed through the cartridge, it is no longer in contact with the gas, and only a very small residue (factors unknown) will remain in circulatory transit until the next encounter with the cartridge. To achieve increased back pressures in systems such as the one deployed in the aforementioned study (without incurring concentration imbalance in the generator as a result of stalling), one could adopt a specialised circuit to counteract this phenomenon, which has been developed and patented.

The 'Polyatomic Apheresis' technology was developed over a period of nine years, the following initial patent was filed in December, 1988, (Basil E. Wainwright/Steven Keyser), covering Ozone in conjunction with dialysis equipment applications. Following on from this technology, which used hollow fibre membranes and capillary mixing columns, blood/gas separation procedures, which allowed blood reconstruction chambers (to stabilise the blood components), prior to the blood's return to the patient (similar to conventional dialysis procedures). The 'cascade tube' principal was invented in 1989 by Basil E. Wainwright, and was refined through a series of exhaustive testing procedures.
1) The length of the cascade tube,
2) the number of blood thinning 'dimples',
3) its attitude in degrees,
4) blood volume and flow rate,
5) combinent gas structures,
6) counter gas flow rates,
7) temperature and surface gas pressures, all play a vital role in achieving maximum viral inactivation, with minimum cellular trauma.

More recently, Basil E. Wainwright, has developed an entirely unique 'Reverse Membrane' process enabling every centre equipped with renal dialysis equipment to be modified with 'Polyatomic Apheresis' technology, for treatment of a multitude of diseases. Dependent on the patient's circulatory properties, typically an optimum extra~corporeal flow rate of 160 mls/min. provides an ideal blood/gas contacting time. For example, slower flow rates would result in longer blood/gas exposure and consequently higher flow rates in a shorter blood/gas exposure time required. To overcome such variants, a base concentration of 1.1% by weight of O3 and 4.6% by weight of O4 is recommended for deployment, with a pump flow rate process analogue control to elevate drive input to generator oscillators controlling its peak concentrations of 2% by weight of O3 and 6% by weight of O4, proportional to the blood flow. The aforementioned provides a controlled blood/gas optimum exposure (contacting time) window of between 110mls/min. to 210 mls/min., at a flow rate of 160 mls/min. (mid range/by average).

Throughout a typical 3 hour treatment session, a total blood volume capture (dependent on start up flow rate), of 60 full patient blood volume units can be achieved, with a typical reduction in viral load of 30% (minimum), per full patient blood volume circulation. This viral load reduction can be expected, with each pass that the patient's blood volume through the cascade tube/'Reverse Membrane' system. Inspite of the body/mass viral saturation of the patient, Polyatomic Oxygen will continue its anti~viral mechanisms, for up to 3 hours (sometimes longer, dose dependent), following each treatment session. The red blood cells in each ml. of blood can carry 17 trillion, one hundred billion oxygen atoms, in addition, the plasma itself can also become a significant oxygen carrier through dietary introduction of iron, germanium and magnesium, prior to treatment. The complexity of the iron (Fe) atom and its 26 electrons, will upon encountering O3 & O4, molecules release profuse amounts of photon energy. As the electrovoltaic stimulus of Ozone and the allotropes of oxygen, molecules excite the iron atoms, electrons move from inner orbits around the molecules to outer orbital patterns, and then back again (pulsing), releasing photons. These 'packets' of energy could be playing a further role in viral inactivation, as an additional viral load reduction of 13% can be expected if iron and germanium are introduced in study's.

Research Development of Polyatomic Oxygen Therapy & Polyatomic Apheresis Technology's : As there is an abundance of data establishing the areas of Polyatomic Oxygen's non~toxicity to man in controlled dose applications, it was evident and necessary to immediately embark upon exhaustive in~vivo research studies and listed below are some of the Polyatomic Apheresis research studies and product/technology development :~

Nogales (Mexico), USA, in~vivo study, Scott Ricke, M.D., Basil E. Wainwright, Physicist. St. Michael's Hospital, N.J., USA, in~vivo study, George Perez, M.D., George White, PhD., Basil E. Wainwright, Physicist.

Brunswick Blood Laboratories, USA, in~vivo study, William Closson M.D., Scott Ricke, M.D., Basil E. Wainwright, Physicist

. University of Medicine & Dentistry, in~vivo study, Newark, N.J., USA, Thomas Denny M.D., Basil E. Wainwright, Physicist.

Copper Canyon, USA, in~vivo study, James Hall, M.D., PhD., Basil E. Wainwright, Physicist.

Biotest Laboratories, USA, in~vivo study, Harold Haines, M.D., Basil E. Wainwright, Physicist.

North Miami Beach, USA, in~vivo study, Martin Dayton, M.D., Basil E. Wainwright, Physicist.

Nevada, USA, in~vivo study, Frank Shallenburger, M.D., Basil E. Wainwright, Physicist.

El~Paso, Texas, USA, in~vivo study, Bill Leavitt, M.D., Basil E. Wainwright, Physicist.

Bahamas, Cayman Islands, in~vivo study, Michael Ingraham, M.D., PhD., Basil E. Wainwright, Physicist.

Tecate, Mexico, in~vivo study, Jacob Swilling, M.D., PhD., Filipe Dugrot, M.D., Basil E. Wainwright, Physicist.

Philippines, in~vivo study, Filipe Dugrot, M.D., Basil E. Wainwright, Physicist. Republic of Kenya, Extensive in~vivo study in multiple locations, clinics, hospitals, and research doctors, physicians, clinicians, registered nurses, Basil E. Wainwright, Physicist.

Various extension programmes in United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and other regional African countries.

It should be noted that patient intake of protein and antioxidants prior to treatment will dramatically reduce the virucidal effect of Polyatomic OxygenTherapy. In all cases a pre~ and during nutritional protocol must be adhered to.

Appendages : Dietary Protocol. Eight (8) registered Patents covering thirteen (13) areas of Polyatomic Apheresis Technology. Sheet : Working equations and unit conversions for Polyatomic Oxygen. Sheet : Concentration and delivery flow~rates for rectal & vaginal insufflation, direct tumor injection & 'Polyatomic Apheresis' (incl. W.D.D.S) treatments. Schematics & diagrams depicting Polyatomic Oxygen virucidal action on HIV/AIDS. Posters showing PCR-HIV in~vivo undetectable results achieved using Polyatomic Apheresis Technologies & Polyatomic Oxygen Therapy.

Some of our most popular polyatomic oxygen/Aran generating equipment that is available through this website includes:
Home or office use Aranizers (avail. in numerous sizes) and Commercial use Aranizers for treating the air you breathe.
Our popular, multi-purpose AJ-1, Aranjecter emits Aran through a silicone tube for all water applications including: drinking, bathing, hot tubs, cupping, bagging and steam and sauna cabinets. The HVAC Systems are designed for direct instalation into the central air conditioning or heating system of homes, warehouses, hotels and motels, theaters, night clubs, restaurants, office buildings, cruise ships, airplanes and so fourth.

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Aranizers - Benefits of Aran and negative ions